May 2019 Newsletter

Lots of exciting events happening around May 2019...

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January 2019 Newsletter

Read on for news and events from January 2019

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2018 AGM Results: New Steering Committee

On November 17th, 2018 the Law Union of BC membership convened to elect a new steering committee and set priorities for the new year. The 2018-19 Law Union of BC steering committee members are:

  • Michelle Silongan
  • Stefanie Ratjen
  • Haran Aruliah
  • Joey Doyle
  • Hasan Alam
  • Claire Kanigan
  • Randall Cohn
  • Julian Tennent-Riddell
  • Irina Ceric

LUBC Holds First AGM, Elects First Steering Committee

On September 30th, 2017 the Law Union of British Columbia held its first ever AGM in order to pass its constitution and elect its first steering committee. The Membership worked into the late hours of the evening at Vancouver's Grandview Calvary Baptist Church, electing the following nine members to head its executive:

  • Nicole Veitch
  • Carly Peddle
  • Hasan Alam
  • Joey Doyle
  • Kris Hermes
  • Morgane Oger
  • Shai Mor
  • Mark Iyengar
  • Kris Hermes

As the steering committee and working groups meet, updates will be posted here. Stay tuned for more!