LUBC Submissions to the Special Committee on Reforming the Police Act

The Law Union of British Columbia (the “LUBC”) believes in the deconstruction of the police. To that end, we call upon the Special Committee on Reforming the Police Act (the “Special Committee”) to take such steps that are necessary to reduce and eventually eliminate the role that the police play in attending to complex social issues, particularly where there is no risk to the health or safety of any individual.

Specifically, the LUBC fully endorses the Submissions of Pivot Legal Society, which call for the Special Committee to reform the Police Act in the following ways:

  1. Ensure access to police accountability;
  2. Invest in access to justice;
  3. Address the broad harms of criminalization;
  4. Eradicate prohibitionist policing; and,
  5. Enable communities to defund the police.
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Statement of Complicity, Solidarity, and Commitment to Change re: Policing & Systemic Racism

The Law Union of British Columbia (the “Law Union”) wishes to not only acknowledge these realities in this moment of heightened clarity and grief, but to also recognize our role as a participant in the systemic racism that oppresses Black and Indigenous peoples. The Law Union is aware of the  disproportionate harms experienced by Black and Indigenous communities both in “B.C.” and across “Canada” at the hands of police and the prison system, and will strive to use its position and resources to combat this systemic racism.

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The Law Union of BC Supports Oppenheimer Park and Opposes Displacement

The Law Union of BC supports the residents of Oppenheimer Park and condemns the actions of the City of Vancouver in attempting to remove them. We oppose the displacement of the Oppenheimer Park campers, who are already facing the most serious effects of the housing crisis. Oppenheimer Tent City, like other tent cities, allows residents to create community and stability where they may otherwise be trapped in uncertain shelter-hopping or living on the streets alone. As members of the legal community, we stand with Oppenheimer Park tent city residents and their allies in the fight for the right to housing and to freedom from displacement and harassment.

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May 2019 Newsletter

Lots of exciting events happening around May 2019...

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The Law Union of British Columbia Supports the Legal Aid Strike!

Statement of the Law Union of British Columbia in Support of the Association of Legal Aid Lawyers Job Action

The Law Union of British Columbia proudly endorses the decision of the Association of Legal Aid Lawyers to go on strike with respect to legal aid files starting April 1st, until substantial action is taken to address the longstanding crisis of legal aid funding in our province.

The fight for legal aid is a fight for the rights of all British Columbians to have adequate access to quality legal counsel when their basic rights and freedoms are at stake. In particular, poor and working people mostly find themselves interacting with the legal system when they are at their most vulnerable — when they are accused of crimes; when their parenting rights are in jeopardy; when they are seeking government protection from abusive spouses, employers, or foreign governments; or when they are seeking redress for harms committed against them by others. If people whose fundamental rights and freedoms are under threat do not have access to the advice of knowledgeable, professional advocates, ethically bound to work solely in their clients’ interests, then our legal system fails to provide justice. This is an access to justice crisis.

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Unist’ot’en & Gitdumden Solidarity Statement

The Law Union of British Columbia stands in solidarity with the Unist’ot’en House Group and the Gitdumden Clan of the Wet’suwet’en Nation in defence of their traditional territories from colonial encroachment, in the form of Coastal Gaslink’s proposed natural gas pipeline. We call upon Coastal Gaslink and the Canadian and BC governments to recognize and respect the sovereignty of the Wet’suwet’en people and to cease plans to construct a natural gas pipeline on their territory.

The Unist’ot’en and Gitdumden have not given free, prior, and informed consent for the use of their lands for the construction of a pipeline. By continuing with the project despite the lack of consent, Coastal Gaslink is operating in violation of both Canadian and international law. The Canadian government, by providing not only tacit but explicit support – through, among other things, the deployment of police forces to compel compliance with court orders – is also in violation of its own domestic and international legal obligations. The BC government, by granting the company approval to build without consent on unceded territory, is violating its own promise to respect Indigenous rights and contradicting its rhetoric of reconciliation.

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January 2019 Newsletter

Read on for news and events from January 2019

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2018 AGM Results: New Steering Committee

On November 17th, 2018 the Law Union of BC membership convened to elect a new steering committee and set priorities for the new year. The 2018-19 Law Union of BC steering committee members are:

  • Michelle Silongan
  • Stefanie Ratjen
  • Haran Aruliah
  • Joey Doyle
  • Hasan Alam
  • Claire Kanigan
  • Randall Cohn
  • Julian Tennent-Riddell
  • Irina Ceric