Steering Committee Meeting – 27 November 2017

LUBC Meeting Nov 27  6:30

Attendance: Nicky Joey Carly Mark and DJ (quorum), Hasan joined 7:30

Chair: Carly


  1. Report back on constitution (Carly and Mark)
    • Discussion: Agreed that minutes will capture who attended (show quorum), decision made, secretary will distribute minutes within 48 hours of meeting, SC will have one week to give feedback/corrections, minutes will be posted on website  
    • Process: person who types minutes sends them out within 48 hours, one week for feedback and then to Ed or Kieran to go on the website
    • Access ProBono laywer has agreed to assist, DJ will follow up with him
  1.   Discussion re: subcommittee spokespeople
    • each working group shall appoint a spokesperson
  2. Discussion re: online voting
    • Group discussed various logistical concerns related to online voting
  3. Report back on finance
    • DJ reported back on pro/cons VanCity and CCEC
    • Proposal: Open a bank account with Vancity with DJ and Carly as the signing authorities
      • Moved: Nicky
      • Seconded: Mark
      • Passed by consensus
    • Will need to give proof of incorporation, name of directors, consensus that only our signing authorities with have ability to access funds
  4. Report back on communications (Joey)
    • Kieran has set up a website on wordpress, he has paid a fee for domain name
    • First newsletter has gone out, Carly will provide subcommittees with email addresses, Hasan will f/u with a contact about designing a logo
  5. Social Justice Conference – March 3
    • Conference being planned, is qualified for CLE hours, funded jointly by Allard and Law Foundation
    • Looking for keynote suggestions, Carly to inquire into ways LUBC can assist with conference/ have presence
  6. Report back on need for insurance (DJ)
    • DJ  to discuss insurance with  Access Pro Bono clinic lawyer and report back next meeting
  7. Report back re: working groups (Carly)
    • Working groups still in process of launching,Carly will continue to maintain communication
  8. Proposed process for non-consensus decision (Nicky)
    • Proposal:
      • A: Decisions Made at Monthly Meeting
        1. The goal is make decision by reaching consensus in person at the monthly meeting. The shall be responsible for guiding the group to consensus and making the determination where consensus is not possible.
        2. Topics where decisions must be made need to be on the agenda distributed in advance of the meeting. SC members who are unable to attend the meeting can send notes on the topic or can request the topic be postponed until the next meeting.
        3. Where the chair determines that adequate notice of the topic was given and that consensus will not be possible a vote will be held.   In order to pass a  proposal must obtain a  2/3 majority.
      • B: Decisions Made In Between Monthly meetings
        1. Where a member of the SC has a proposal that needs to be dealt with before the next SC meeting, they may create a poll using the poll feature in slack
        2. Online votes can be designated as “urgent” by their creator.  Votes designated as urgent must be passed within 48 hours.  In order to pass, the vote must gain 5 yes votes.  If anyone votes no, the motion fails.
        3. Online votes that are not urgent must gain 7  votes to pass within 7 days.  If anyone votes no, the motion fails.
          • Decision: After discussion this proposal was unanimously accepted
  9. LUO
    • Action: NV to connect Joey with movement and defence,

Next meeting: Jan 8 6:30 – 8

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