Steering Committee Meeting – 16 October 2017

Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

Date: 16 October 2017, 6 – 8 PM

Location: Pivot Legal Society


    1. 6:05 Check-In and Appointment of Chair
      1. Joey, Chair
    2. Present:
      1. Joey
      2. Shai
      3. Kris
      4. DJ
      5. Carly
      6. Hasan
      7. Mark by phone
      8. Nicky
      9. Morgane
    3. Review of AGM Minutes
      1. Actionable Items list – Joey
        1. Incorporation. Review cost, process
        2. Add to mission statement regarding other legal systems
        3. Steering committee amendments
        4. Amendments regarding ‘Member in good standing’
      2. Kris – What is the process for amendment
      3. Kris moves to approve
      4. Motion passed
    4. Appointment of Secretary
      1. Joey – appointment in order to meet requirements of the Society Act re letters, annual reports, etc
        • Nicky volunteers
        • Passed
    5. Appointment of Treasurer
      1. Joey – accounting, banking, transaction, financial statements, taxes
        1. Morgane will assist with finding guidance on this
          • DJ volunteers
          • Passed
    6. 6:26 Meeting Norms
      • How/when meetings
        1. Timing: Monthly on Monday evenings 4th Monday of the month, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
        2. Location: Pivot Legal society
        3. Next meeting: November 27, 2017
      • Pre-meeting
        1. 1 week prior to meeting secretary will send
          1. Minutes
          2. Quorum check
          3. Request for agenda items. Using the ‘BIG’ format (Background, issue, goal). Try to include a time estimate
      • Technology – phone-in is ok
      • Meeting norms
        1. Morgane – every meeting should have a tangible goal with an external impact to avoid getting bogged down in internal business
        2. Kris – civility and decision making processes
        3. Nicky to determine whether note taking will rotate
        4. Nicky – BIGs, time goals, chair to do time keeping
        5. DJ – Action items list and a DARCI process (Decision maker, Accountable person, Responsible person for the pieces of work, Consulted for feedback, Informed of the outcome)
        6. Nicky – Will bring LUO meeting policy to next meeting
      • Banking
        1. Morgane – re treasurer. Will want signatories and need to determine # of signers, and name them. VanCity or CCEC are good
        2. DJ – go to the bank and find out what is required
        3. Carly – incorporation is not required, but specifics unknown
        4. Shai – should we check with CCEC (across from Donalds
        5. DJ – check out both and bring feedback
      • Contact between meetings
        1. Joey – Slack suggested for in between meeting communications
        2. Joey – Email for formal record/document distribution
      • Decision making
        1. Kris – is it majority vote
        2. Morgane – for motions (eg finances, outside interfaces, membership), we agree that will vote at next meeting, or call a remote/electronic meeting. Decisions should only be in formal meetings. But in between can make the decision and agree to bring it to the next meeting and vote for it in the formal setting.
        3. DJ – what about concensus for larger issues and a simpler method for daily business
        4. Morgane – What about setting meetings on slack, etc. We have to decide how we do things. Concensus can also be extremely hard to reach
        5. Nicky – proposed action item. Will put together a proposal for decisions that can’t be made by concensus.
        6. Morgane – connect with First Nations contact, do outreach for input on FN styles of governance and bring feedback to meeting
      • Conduct
        1. Kris – No talking over each other
        2. Shai – requires someone to give you permission to speak
        3. Kris – Chair could be responsible for keeping a list, ensuring everyone has an opportunity
        4. Shai – manage without raising hands
        5. Joey – Chair will rotate and deal with issues as they arise
    7. 7:02 (Hasan leaves, Morgane call drops)
    8. 7:02 Governance
      • Incorporation
        1. Joey – motion approves in principle to incorporate
        2. DJ – reach out to Access Pro Bono clinic and report back.
          1. Also get advice about Directors insurance. Or reach out to ED peer group.
      • Banking
        1. DJ will research and report
        2. Carly has donations on her desk (approx $80) and there is $160 from the prior union. Julien has $16
      • Insurance
        1. DJ reach out to access pro bono
      • Membership
        1. DJ – we need to know who members are and when membership expires. What do we want open/closed?
        2. Shai – what is membership for?
        3. Joey – participate in our actions
        4. Kris – Are we membership led/based. That determines who directs the work of the organization.
        5. Shai – In favour of membership being the leaders. They decide, it is open and feel that they have the power to decide how to use the organization and feel that they are effective. That will educate them.
          1. Should be in constitution when we go back to the membership.
        6. Kris – Could design something in advance re what does/doesn’t require vote of the membership
        7. Nicky – how would we communicate that? Not the monthly agenda
        8. Shai – AGM is good but more is needed, perhaps quarterly voluntary meeting that is less formal. Ask them for feedback and a vote
        9. Joey – experiment a bit in how to get the best response rates. All will create different challenges
        10. Agreed that for our own initiatives we go to the membership
        11. Agreed that signing on to support others (letter sign-ons etc) can be done by the steering committee
        12. Joey – Working groups should have authority to act under their own capacity as their own working group. They would be empowered by the membership to make decisions and take action
        13. Carly – what are the parameters for what the working group can do
        14. Nicky – want them to have autonomy and if there are issues we can pass policies to constrain them
        15. Shai – We need to decide on something in order to try it out rather than defer. For example, what is PRIGs doing or Lobby 99 – public interest lobbying group
        16. DJ – can we test this on legal aid? Reach out with the legal aid position and ask people to endorse, sign-on, send out and get new members. Also use to beta test our outreach model – do we get good feedback, is it inclusive enough
        17. Kris – the details will be fleshed out as we go and all will be informed by our mission statement.
        18. Nicky – freedom is key. Step in if it is ‘injurious’ to the union.
        19. Shai – strong working groups will strengthen the union. Empower them to do the work.
        20. Joey – so what is our relationship? We facilitate large initiatives
        21. DJ – and takes in information that is not working-group specific and areas where the union speaks as a whole
        22. Kris – Perhaps require at least one member of a working group to attend a membership meeting to report back and answer questions
        23. Kris – what about listserv of members for working groups to provide updates.
        24. Carly – for now designate someone to check in with the working groups and report back to the steering committee.
        25. Nicky – give an email address to each working group. Also steering committee
        26. Joey – Membership is in excel and is valid for 1 year, until end of next AGM
        27. Kris – How wide can teh membership be
        28. Mark – anyone as long as they apply
        29. Kris – listserv that is moderated is an option for communicating with membership. If we go that route, would help set that up. For eg. Collecting info from working groups and transmit to the membership. We need something
        30. Carly – what if we email ever 2-3 steering committee meetings to stay current.
        31. Nicky – PR group needs to be empowered on communications, twitter
        32. Carly – will check in with working groups
        33. Joey & Kris – will work on demonstration defence
        34. Carly – check in ATJ and legal aid funding/social justice articling positions so we can move on this.
      • Mid-year meeting
        1. Kris – can we commit to a mid-year meeting?
      • Constitution
        1. Carly – happy to make the amendments
        2. Mark – copy edit
        3. DJ – get it verified by pro bono lawyer
        4. Complete by Oct 30 so DJ can get it vetted
    9. Campaigns
      1. Working Groups (Establishment, Recruitment, Management)
        • See above
      2. Public Statement
        • Release about AGM?
        • Joey – will draft and include how members can participate by phone or other means.
      3. Statement of work
        • Consensus to table to next meeting
      4. Checklist for fit
        1. Consensus to table to next meeting

Adjourned 8:01pm

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